EA E3 Press Conference Liveblog

EA Starts off with the big guns… no not Battlefield 3, but…


Casey Hudson is out:

March 6, 2012, the war will begin.

Earth has been taken, only Shepard can rally the forces of the galaxy.

“All out galactic war”

ME1 and 2 players will be able to bring in choices.

New players will be able to experience them too.

Live demo:

Graphics are looking great. Like an upscaled ME2, not at all a bad thing. Much higher fidelity on textures.

Shepard just painted a target for the Normandy to bomb.

Legion is there, coordinating.

Combat looks similar to 2, but even more fluid.

Garrus and Liara just showed up to back Shepard up.

Now Shepard is on a turret, on an on-rails sequence, fighting a reaper and calling in an orbital strike.

MUCH bigger setpieces than in original two games.

Demo over.

Hudson is highlighting desicisons in a story of “tremendous emotional impact.”

EA is really pushing this Origin service. Makes me wonder if EA games are no longer going to be appearing on Steam in the future.

Debut of gameplay trailer “The fall of earth”

This game looks fucking great. Shame we have to wait another 9 months to get it.

John Ricatello

Preview of new games and new services in next 6 months.

No elaborate stages and celebrities. Hah!

Ricky is pushing Origin.com

Now on to…

Need For Speed: The Run

An illicit high stakes race across the country.

From San Fransisco to New York

Pushing the Auto Log feature from last year’s game.

Going to weave auto log into the game’s single player campaign.

Need for speed: on foot!?!

For the first time there is going to be on-foot sequences in a Need for Speed game. Cause that worked GREAT for Driver.

Live demo time

As expected, game looks gorgeous.  Reflections on the road look amazing. City actually looks like Chicago. Huge crash sequence, followed by on-foot race supplemented with QUICK TIME EVENTS! Oh joy!

Quick driver! push triangle to not die!

Game is being played on PS3 btw.

Looks very cinematic, not sure how interactive these sequences are, if at all. Not sure Need for Speed needed non-racing quick time events.

Now racing with a helicopter firing machine guns chasing you. Looks like you just gotta survive.

Despite my aforementioned hatred of racing games, this one actually looks very single player focused, with very deep story integration. I may actually end up playing this one. Lots more than just racing other douches in their modded out rides.

This is a drastic departure for the series. We will see how it works.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Hey, its Doctor Greg!

“We have never done anything this big”

The Old Republic represents years of Dr. Greg’s life.

Showing a trailer now.

Gorgeous cinematics.

No gameplay so far. This is pretty and all but come on! Show us something that we will actually do in the game!

Trailer is really playing up the Jedi vs Sith idea in the game.

And… it ends with the Origin logo. Of course.

This trailer is amazing, but none of it is gameplay and that’s really scary.  Guess all those shots of people standing around the auction house weren’t upbeat enough.


It’s EXTREME Snowboarding time people! Are you ready to snowboard all over the world?

What if it snowed in San Fransisco…

Nah, nevermind.

Whoa, that dude just hooked a helicopter while snowboarding. That descent was downright deadly.

EA is like Georgia, just full of nice trailers. Can we get some gameplay for any of this stuff?


Peter Moore is up

They used NASA satellite data to design levels.

Three unique game modes:

Race It

Trick It

Survive It

Still no gameplay footage.

Game releases next January.


Lots of people play FIFA.

Neither you nor I know any of them.

They play it on all sorts of devices.

“FIFA is… quite simply, the world’s game”

They are talking about soccer now. So… yeah. This game will have better soccer.

Point of order: That’s football sir! (Jeff)

FIFA 12 is apparently the best playing FIFA ever. I’m shocked.

Now they are playing a video of random celebrities and soccer players talking about how awesome FIFA is.

I suspect that if you like soccer, you will enjoy FIFA 12. I am talking to you: dude who reads our site from England.

Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

The problem with Arsenal is they always try to walk it in…

Announce EA Sports Football Club! Sweet! The Patriots vs some pansy soccer team!

Oh… nevermind.

It’s a social community for soccer gamers. Get your FIFA connected to Facebook, Ipad, Iphone, etc.

I have already written FAR too much about FIFA. See you when they start talking about something else.



Is that the dad from Wonder Years?

Live action trailer mixed with gameplay footage. Looks like Madden.

Vince Lombardi is yelling at me.

EA trots out some NFL players to say what Madden means to them.  Clay Matthews with the Lombardi trophy, Ray Lewis, and Peyton Hillis.

I thought EA didn’t do celebrity cameos…..well… I mean… Ray Lewis is the biggest name they got…

Peter Moore is afraid these dudes are going to squash him like a bug.

Is it just me or does Clay Matthews look like he walked out of a Game of Thrones episode and put on a Packers uniform?

Nope.. no we don’t let Peyton Hillis SPEAK, dammit Peter.  Such witty repartee here.

Sports talk with Peter Moore! I wonder if it hurts when he calls it “football”

August 30th is Madden. Looks like we WILL have some football this year after all.

No real details on improvements or additions to this year’s game. (Jeff: it’s Madden…)

Ricky’s back.

Talking up Madden connectivity, just like with FIFA.

The Sims Social

Lots of fans waiting for this one?!?

Sims Online is back I guess…

Going to integrate into Facebook, etc.

“You play with life.” Sounds like a serial killer. Well, this is the sims.

NO. BAD EA. NO.  I weep for humanity…

This is basically Sims on facebook. Looks AWFUL. I wonder how Will Wright feels about the bastardization of this franchise?

Already afraid of all the damn “Sims Social” updates my wall will be inundated with…

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Curt Schilling is up! No bloody sock though.

Where the fuck are Salvatore and McFarlane?!

Going to show off gameplay

Environments look really nice, and yes finally mentioning Rolston created this.

A gameplay trailer?  Is this still the EA press conference?

Game looks really pretty for such an early stage.  Trailer is mixed gameplay and cinematic… most of it looks in-game however.

This will definitely be getting an M rating.

Combat actually reminds me a bit of Fable, but… not cartoony or shitty. (Jeff: Agreed, was just going to type that)


Ted Price is in da house. New franchise! Expanding to Xbox. One dude in the crowd is VERY excited.


Is this a nerf game?

High tech weapons and a blend of humor?

It’s a group of mis-matched experts who are the only ones who can get the job done! Whacky hijinks are sure to ensue!

Wow…great character names in this one.  Guess Max Power was already taken…

Tailer being shown. Looks ok… strange animation on the faces. All cinematic, though could be rendered in-game.

This is like Insomniac Presents Pixar’s Borderlands

More like Insomniac Presents Brute Force 2

With no reptile dude.

Has a very Team Fortress 2/Pixar quality to the style.

Will have to see some gameplay, seems like it’s trying to hard to be cool…

Possibly co-op focused at the expense of single player which would make me very sad.


What we have all been waiting for. Dude from DICE speaking.

Karl Magnus – Guarantee this guy has the coolest name of the press conference!

Airing a video featuring the new engine, Frostbite 2

In case you haddn’t heard, this game looks amazing. Graphically, I mean. We are talking close to photo-realistic.

WOW. Just wow.  Amazing work by DICE here, game looks amazing.

Video over

Dude is talking up the engine (with a very thick accent)

Going to show a demo of multiplayer for a bit.

Map takes place in the center of paris.

In game footage. Looks great. Destructible environments.

Very VERY short demo.

Adding in social tools network called Battle Log. I wonder if the dudes backing Call of Duty Elite is eating their hat right now. Battle Log is 100% free

Battlefield will have a beta in September.

About to present a live demo of a single player level.

These graphics are insane.  This is going to be on 360 and PS3?  HOW?

Starts with an on-rails sequence on top of tank, manning a machine gun.

Call of Duty MW 3 looked decent. This looks incredible. None of that Michael Bay shit. Not Operation Flashpoint boring either. Looks like they hit the right balance.

Now the player has entered the tank, controlling the turret.
Realistic tank to tank combat, but not simmy.

Lighting effects are ridiculous. Volumetric smoke, forces player into night vision.

Battlezone enters the HD Era!

It appears that the player may be actually controlling the tank itself and not just the turret. Cannot confirm though.

Now player enters a Predator Drone. Same stuff we have seen before with the black and white bombing from above, but prettier, if such a thing were possible.

Looks like the game is going to keep the gameplay variations consistent. Play one way for a while, then it switches you up into an entirely different mode. Very similar to that one level in MW2 that had you switching between pilot and soldier, but not annoying or jarring.

Looks to me like Battlefield 3 is aiming for big set pieces but overall a much more realistic story and style than the Modern Warfare series.

For those of us who find the Michael Bay’ness of MW a little off-putting, this is going to be a great alternative.

So much for Medal of Honor.

Btw, there are still some VERY big explosions.

Game Launches October 25.

Demo over.

Nice dig at Activision “No subscription fee”

And… that’s all she wrote!

Takeaway: EA thankfully stayed away from all the Kinect and Move bullshit and showed us some great new games, although with some odd decisions. First off, no gameplay footage for Star Wars The Old Republic was very concerning. Also, the radical departure for the Need For Speed franchise by incorporating on-foot quick time events is just… strange. Even so, almost everything looked fantastic, with the one HUGE exception of The Sims Social. The fact that this exists makes me hurt inside.

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