The Kickstarter Chronicles: Leisure Suit Larry Rides Again

He's back!

With Double Fine’s precedent-setting mega success crowd-funding their new adventure game through Kickstarter, it was inevitable that other developers would jump on the bandwagon to fund projects that just wouldn’t exist under the “normal” publishing system. While some folks are all excited about your Wastelands and your Shadowruns, I am far more interested to visit the Land Of The Lounge Lizards again.

This shit was amazing back in the day.

That’s right, Al Lowe, the original creator of the adult-themed Leisure Suit Larry Sierra adventure games from the ¬†80’s and 90’s has returned to game-making. The Leisure Suit Larry games were known for their¬†titillating¬†(though never pornographic) sense of humor, catchy music, some wickedly difficult puzzles, and trivia-based age gates that guaranteed that if 13-year-olds were going to play the game, they at least would learn something about President Carter. Along with Kings Quest, Space Quest and Quest for Glory, the original Leisure Suit Larry games were among the best games to come out of Sierra during that era.

Now, understand that these games, and Al Lowe, have NOTHING to do with the utterly craptastic “modern” Larry games Magna Cum Laude and Box Office Bust. Those digital abortions were created by soulless bastards intent on capitalizing on nostalgia and milking a franchise to the point of death.

Finally, a worthy update to the series.

That being said, Al Lowe has teamed up with Replay Games to completely remake and overhaul the original Leisure Suit Larry game: The Land Of The Lounge Lizards. If this is successful, the plan is to go and remake all of the Larry Games up through Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love For Sail, and even make the long rumored Larry 4.

They are asking for $500,000 to fund the project, and about $200,000 has been pledged as I write this article. There are nearly 30 days more to go, so its entirely possible that they will reach their goal, but its not a sure thing. The damage that the two modern Larry games (which again have nothing to do with Al Lowe and this team) have done to the franchise is significant, and they aren’t getting the same type of exposure as Double Fine Adventure. I have already pledged $100 of my own money. If you are a fan of classic adventure games, I urge you to pass this along and pledge yourself.

Check out the Kickstarter here.


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