So our good friend Mike has decided to go off on his own with some new project about music or whatever, you can learn more about that at Project Playlist, and despite my protests to have him just post it to the site here I’m left with not much to do and a domain sitting around gathering dust.  So I’ve decided to do what any red blooded American with a website would do and steal his idea!  Only this is The Unplayables and I don’t purchase music while whacked out on ambien so my music collection is already perfection in every way.  However, what I do have a problem with is Steam.  Through years of Steam sales and poor impulse control my Steam library is telling me I’ve got 382 games in it, and frankly I was never going to play most of these things.  That’s where the site comes in! I’m going to be going through my Steam library alphabetically and playing all of these games.  I will then report back here with my impressions, thoughts, and ideas on whether the game was any good or if I was a fucking idiot for buying it.  Now because even a lazy useless layabout like myself needs some structure, here are the ground rules:

1. I will be skipping over any games that I’ve already played extensively.  While there is a lot of shit in my library and stuff I’ve never touched nor intended to, I do happen to buy good games as well, so don’t flip out when Skyrim or Civ V don’t show up in this endeavor.

2. I will try to work on a schedule of one game a week.  I’ve got to download these games, play a healthy amount of them and then write an article.  One a week shouldn’t be too difficult, but I’m a busy guy (ie lazy) and may slip here and there.  However I want to get through this, so this is as much for myself as it is for anyone reading out there.

3. I am not making any bones about FINISHING these games.  I will play as much of the game as I can handle or think is necessary to give my full views of it, but I will more than likely not be finishing all of these games, so these are more impressions than full on reviews.

4. I’m not going to be doing any investigative work on these games prior to playing them.  If I already know what the game is or what it’s about fine, but for the more obscure titles I’ll be going in completely blind, and I’ve perused my list there are certainly some games I don’t remember ever buying nor what the hell they are about at all.

Well, with that out of the way it’s time I dive in and start playing some games.

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