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logoWell today was a busy day for gaming as many high-profile releases dropped.  While I’ve been avoiding most new games in favor of clearing out my Steam library and working on other projects there was one game that caught my eye and pulled me back into the world of full priced AAA video gaming.  That game is SimCity, released on this day the fifth of March in the year of our Lord two thousand and thirteen.  I’ve been playing for nearly 5 hours now and thought I’d hit you guys with some quick impressions so far!

Things started off poorly enough when I pre-ordered the game the other day and found there was no pre-loading option.  Hmm… that’s strange I thought, it’s 2013 and this is a very popular game, those download servers sure won’t be happy this isn’t being spread out over a weeks time.  No worries though I’ll just log in when the game unlocks and download it overnight I guess.  Cut to 12am EST and here I am like an idiot waiting for the game to unlock.  It still says pre-order and is a gray box in my Origin account.  No worries, probably just need to refresh… 15 minutes later and still nothing.  I’ve got to work in the morning and it’s already after midnight… At 12:30 I give up and go to bed.  I awake the next morning confident the game will be unlocked and low and behold it is!  I simply click download and the game is now heading through the intertubes straight to me!  I head off to work confident the game will be ready to go when I come home this evening!

No game here, just a launcher :(

No game here, just a launcher 🙁

What’s that you say?  The Origin client only downloads the SimCity launcher?  And from inside there you’ll download the actual game!?  Oh well thanks a fucking lot EA!  Well… better get this baby started then, I’ve got laundry to do anyway.  The game happily buzzes along while I finish up some chores and have some dinner.  It’s been about an hour or two, better check in on… oh come the fuck on:

Error While Downloading Please Feel Free To Bite Me

Error While Downloading Please Feel Free To Bite Me

This shit is just ridiculous… better restart this thing I guess.  The game happily buzzes along again, I putter around the house.  Nothing really to do now that my chores are done.  I browse around the internet a bit, read some comics, waiting… waiting… waiting… Another hour or so goes by and I hit the 41% mark on the download when I’m struck again with the above error.  Sigh… nothing to be done, restart, but ho… what’s this?  The download isn’t restarting, it’s claiming the game is actually finished!  Ok… weird but whatever if it thinks it’s finished I might as well try it.  Let’s see, we’ve got this wonderful always on DRM connection so I’ve got to set a server for myself.  Best pick one closest to my region to avoid any lag issues, I’ll just pull up the server list here and… oh fucking Christ:

Guess it's time to pack my bags and move to Dusseldorf

Guess it’s time to pack my bags and move to Düsseldorf

Well… I can’t play in the good old USA and I’ve come to fucking far at this point to not try the Euro server.  Thankfully it lets me in and actually loads pretty quickly.  Alright, my first city will probably be scrap anyway so I can switch servers later, I just want to play the damn game!  I pick out my location and choose a nice coastal region, dreams of a sleepy little beach town in my head.  Alright, time to open the beaches folks, let’s claim this region:

You son of a bitch...

You son of a bitch…

I spit myself back to the menu.  Reload and retry a couple of times with the same results.  Well… fuck.  Thanks EA for this wonderful always on multiplayer connection in fucking SimCity, this is really great!  Thank you for your continued insistence on not letting us pre-load our games.  Now I know I’m not missing out on anything by buying all my non-EA games over in Steam.  You’ve made such a wonderful product, this game is amazing:

At least ONE button in this game works!

At least ONE button in this game works!

I’m sure SimCity is a great game, the previews I’ve seen of it really hooked me and got me into this state in the first place.  EA however has really dropped the fucking ball here.  After the debacle that was Diablo 3 you’d think companies would shy away from this bullshit, or at least prepare for it better, but I guess we don’t learn anything from history.  After 5 hours with the game I haven’t played shit of it.  What the hell is a guy supposed to do?  Hmm… I know, I’ll play a nice single player game that doesn’t require an online connection… hell it doesn’t even have online capability:

Fuck yeah, a PLAYABLE game!

Fuck yeah, a PLAYABLE game!


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  1. Mike Cantor says:

    Day 2: Still can’t reliably play the game. Built four different cities at various times when the servers were up, they all have been deleted. Friends list has never loaded reliably. It’s so cold. So cold. They are coming… they a

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