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Jeff Fischer
Age: 33
Location: Massachusetts

Jeff started gaming at an early age in the mid 80s and has never looked back.  His favorite genre has always been point and click adventure games, and to this day his favorite game is still The Secret of Monkey Island.  Since the genre died in the late 90s however he has been able to keep an open mind to all types of games from action/adventure to sports/racing.  Jeff has very little qualms when it comes to playing games, he’ll play anything!

His uncanny ability to see past most games shortcomings and ineptitude has helped him greatly in his endeavour to play every game in the world.  Where most gamers would see glitches, bugs, and repetitive gameplay, Jeff perseveres and plays through anyway just to see it to the end.  While he can admit when a game is bad, that will never stop him from giving an unbiased opinion of the overall product.

The darkside of this ability however did manifest itself in the current era of gaming turning him into an “Achievement Whore”.  Since he was able to play any game to completion no matter how bad or boring the Xbox 360 has taken more time of his life than he’d care to think about.  The Unplayables has given him an outlet for relaying information on these types of games to others to warn and inform them.  It has also helped in getting him away from his whoring habits as gameplaying is much more focused towards reviewing now.

Email: Jeff@theunplayables.com

Mike Cantor
Age: 33
Location: New Hampshire

Mike worked briefly in the videogames press during high school and college, and wrote some pretty bad articles for some pretty bad web sites. The only thing of value to come out of that experience, he claims, was that he got to go to E3 twice.

Since then, Mike became a lawyer, worked on a couple of political campaigns, and now works as a professional political consultant. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife, son and fancy Siberian cat.

Email: Mike@theunplayables.com
Gamertag: MCantor

Everything Else

For all non Jeff or Mike specific inquiries, please send correspondence to admin@theunplayables.com

Also, follow us on Twitter at @TheUnplayables

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Chris says:

    I found your website through a google search about Captain America. Started looking around, and I fell in love with your site!

    You have some great content, and I will be sure to come back every week to see what’s up!


  2. Marcos says:

    Great website and a great initiative!!! Congrats! Very innovative!

    I used to check the user reviews @ metacritic before buying a game but I found your site when searching for how to avoid the AI attack on Hacker Evolution Duality. Great review btw! Extremely unplayable!

  3. Jose Abascal says:

    Buen trabajo, excelent reviews


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